I am currently on a MSc BIM & Project Management part-time course at Queens University, Belfast. 

I have a Level 6 BA in Architecture from the University of Portsmouth, a Level 4 Assistant Architects Diploma & a Level 3 Professional Wood Design & Structures from my time studying in France. 

My portfolio includes a number of varied finished projects. Some of these are in French so I have included a summary for each project at the beginning, detailing the objectives, work involved and the outcomes achieved. Other projects include work undertaken on placements and university course projects. 

I am currently seeking a employment from December 2017 and have included my CV for prospective employers. 



The Retreat

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Click on the links below to view the documents Site Analysis My design – 01 My design – 02 Environmental Response – 21     READ MORE


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Click on the links below to view the documents A3 Diary My Design READ MORE